Cominox Vacuum Autoclave 24L Sterilizer

Sterilclave Vacuum Autoclave 24L Thermodynamic

SterilClave® range meets all the professional sterilization requirements: various models with different load capacity, equipped with advanced technology, pursuant to the latest technical and regulatory standards and produced thanks to Cominox experience, producer for over 25 years.

Our Product are listed in Government Procurement of Goods and Services Agency’s E-Catalogue


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Product Description

Sterilclave Vacuum Autoclave 24L Thermodynamic

Cominox SterilClave® is a Vacuum Autoclave 24L which can be easily used thanks to the wide display, which shows and allows to check all the current cycle data. The new VLS (Vacuum Locking System) ensures a simple locking by a light hand pressure. After the cycles with 19 process controls are carried out, their traceability is a certainty thanks to the “smart” memory of the autoclave cycle. The related data can be extracted by means of USB disk or by means of the integrated printer.

Cominox® autoclaves have been projected for facing binding tasks: SterilClaves can contain up to 5 big trays (24 lt: 180x380mm) or as an alternative up to 3 NORM TYPE cassettes (310 x 190 x 40mm).
All SterilClave models are equipped with “clean” and “dirty” water inspection tank. They are made of resistant AISI 304 steel, which ensures the highest level of internal hygiene and durability.