CHARMCARE Emergency/Transport Patient Monitor PRIZM 5 With Printer

Transport Patient Monitor Prizm5 With Printer

Transport/Emergency Patient Monitor – With Printer is Hi-Technology, Ready-to-use, with many features such as Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor, Bedside Mounting Design, 7' Wide with High Resolution, Variety of Parameter, Optional Sidestream Capnography, Optional Mainstream Capnography, Built-in thermal printer and many more.
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Transport Patient Monitor Prizm5 With Printer


  • Multi-parameter patient monitor Standard comes with ECG + NIBP + SpO2 + Respiration+Temp. + IBP
  • Bedside mounting handle attached design
  • 7” Wide HIGH RESOLUTION TFT color screen
  • Variety of parameter choices AVAILABLE
  • Optional Sidestream capnography (EtCO₂) by RESPIRONICS® LoFlo™ OR
  • Optional Mainstream capnography (EtCO₂) by RESPIRONICS® CAPNOSTAT5™
  • Built-in thermal Printer
  • Deluxe Role Stand (OPTION)