Thor Lab SpiroThor – Mobile Handheld Spirometer

Mobile Handheld Spirometry

SpiroThor is a pulmonary function and monitoring device with features such as Ultrasonic sensor technology, Pc Base with plug and play USB sensor connection, Built-in auto internal calibration, Zero cross contamination, Human voice communication, can store up to 5000 patients in memory and suitable for pediatric patient, screening COPD and

Our Product are listed in Government Procurement of Goods and Services Agency’s E-Catalogue


Product Description

Features :

  • Innovation in Ultrasonic sensor technology.
  • Built-in automatic internal calibration.
  • Zero cross – contamination (easy to disinfect sensor).
  • Human voice communication with the patient  (voice prompt).
  • Suitable for pediatric patient.
  • Memory can store up to 5000 patients.