Remed Electrosurgical Unit ELPIS 4L

Unique features of the ELPIS-4 Electrosurgical Generator

Remed Elpis-4L has Unique features of the ELPIS-4 Electrosurgical Generator. With Flexibility & reliability, safety & convenience and REM System. With many detailed unique features made Remed Elpis-4L is more powerful than normal ELPIS-4 has.

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Product Description


Flexibility & Reliability

  • Much more efficient than low frequency, produces less heat, not to mention sparkle,
    resulting in less burned tissue.
  • Fast healing with excellent results.
  • Provides smooth cuts with optimal performance on adipose tissues.

Safety & Convenience

  • Elpis-4L provides safe and convenient device Control to meet all your surgical needs in an operation room.
  • By pressing 2 buttons(or more) will shut down the power for safety precautions.
  • Adoption of touch screen, it is easy to select menu, operation functions and output for convenient
    and easy operation.
  • User can save or open their frequently used data/favorite programs up to 100 programmable memory
    locations with several touch motions.

REM System

  • Elpis-4L automatically monitors the attachment of the patient plate to check adequate connection
    with the patient. An alarm will sound and output power is stopped for safety


  • Risk of neuromuscular stimulation and damage to tissue is minimized
    From improved performance at lower power settings.
  • Audible and visual alarms, including REM system for patient and user safety.
  • Operation of Cutting, Coagulation and Bipolar Coagulation can be distinctively recognized by sound and
    indication lamp to distinguish an operation type.
  • Easy operation, cost effective system, offering variety of choices of modes for most applications.
  • Last operating condition can be recalled when turned back on.
  • The input power frequency 50Hz/60Hz can be adjusted.