Prizm7 Patient Monitor 7 Parameter

DOUBLE DECKED Patient Monitor

Charmcare Patient Monitor Prizm7 powered by 7 optimal parameter, with Double 7″-10″ Color TFT LCD and VGA output for external monitor. Powered by power Inlet AC/DC for vehicle transportation and patient transfer plus attached handle for side rail patient bed makes this more flexible and powerful.

Our Product are listed in Government Procurement of Goods and Services Agency’s E-Catalogue


Product Description


  • Optimal  with 7 pameter (ECG,NIBP,SpO2,2xTemp,RR,2xIBP,and EtCo2)
  • Double 7 inch(10 inch) display, colour TFT LCD.
  • VGA output for external Monitor
  • Double power inlet AC and DC  input for vehicle transportation and patient transfer.
  • Handle to attached for side rail Patient Bed.
  • Usable for Adult, Pediatric, and Neonate.