FIMET Modern Dental Unit F1-M

Dental treatment machine

Dental Unit F1-M is Dental care unit using modern and newest technology. With many features which is more patient-friendly would make this Dental unit more preferable for patient, especially with kids and elderly.



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Product Description


  1. Rotatable cylindrical treatment machines more suitable for clinical requirements
    • External rotation of the cylinder make sure there is enough space for assistant to facilitate with a doctor’s operation.
    • The internal rotation of the cylinder provides the convenience for the patients to use sputum pots, which is a more user-friendly design.
  2. Electric dental chair is equipped with an automatic fault detection function
    • Accurately display the cause of the fault in the dental chair according to different code, in order to help troubleshooting.
  3. Electric dental chair is diagrammed with 2 group, a total of 4 chair positions
    • Each is independent from the others, allowing two dentist set up different chair positions
    • Chair position can be fine-tuned and re-set.
  4. Adjustable oral lamp
    • Adjustable lamp with two level of brightness designed for health care operations.
    • Clear spot, appropriate brightness, and beautiful appearance.
  5. Dental chair is equipped with imported professional DC motor, allows the chair to start up gently.
  6. Down-mounted handpiece operating systems
    • Free operation without traction
    • No balance arm structure, No pressure on the patients during operation.
    • Large-size device panel