Bionics Fetal Monitor (CTG) BFM-900L

Bionic Fetal Monitor

Fetal Monitor BFM-900L is Versatile and portable antipartum monitor. While the size is compact, it’s powerful for intel-departmental transfer and easy-to-use, enough for reliable communication with fetus.Top quality beyond absolute, capturing fetal heart rate and uterine contractions with 7-segment LED display and auto-time printing configurable with count down display would increase the precision for fetal monitoring.



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Product Description

SPEED (cm/min) Versatile and portable antipartum monitor absolute fetal monitoring requirements of obstetrical care department. It is compact, but powerful, enough for inter- departmental transfer and it is sophisticated, but easy-to-use, enough for reliable communication with fetus.

BFM-900L captures fetal heart rate and uterine contractions and displays results on 7-segment LED. As well as user’s configurable auto-time printing is provided with count down display.

A versatile and functional fetal monitoring equipment in portable size capable of monitoring dual fetal heart rate and UC contraction in user- friendly setting such as event marker and built in printer. It has been designed to make routine fetal monitoring simple and cost effective.

BFM-900L is the ultimate solution, providing rapid and convenient fetal assessment, non-stress testing and non-invasive labor monitoring. BIONICS Corp