Fagor Tumble Dryer Advance Plus Series

Type Volume
SR-80 TP2 PLUS E 80 Kg
SR-60 TP2 PLUS E 60 Kg
SR-45 TP2 PLUS E 45 Kg
SR-35 TP2 PLUS E 35 Kg
SR-28 TP2 PLUS E 28 Kg
SR-23 TP2 PLUS E 23 Kg

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Fagor Tumble Dryer Advance Plus seri pengering yang berkualitas, dibantu dengan sensor kelembaban dapat membantu dan cocok digunakan pada Industri dan Rumah Sakit

Features :

Green Flow System©

Allow to re-use the air to increase the energy savings and improve the air flow


Humidity sensor system that besides the standard features of the systems, also include the control of the drum speed depending on the degree of moisture

Insulated Panels

Complete thermal insulation of the machine to get the best energetic efficiency

Total Flow

The standard axial-radial aiflow (mixed flow) is complemented by additional opening to opsimised the air circuit and reach maximum efficiency

Soft Touch

The new drum perforations make sure the linen is gently handled, lengthening the garments lifetime

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