Fagor Sanitary Barrier Series

Type Volume
LBS-27 TP2 E 27 Kg
LBS-35 TP2 E 35 Kg
LBS-50 TP2 E 50 Kg
LBS-70 TP2 E 70 Kg
LBS-100 TP2 E 100 Kg
LMED-16 TP2 E 16 Kg
LMED-22 TP2 E 22 Kg

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Fagor Sanitary Barrier Series merupakan mesin cuci penghalang sanitasi yang di rancang khusus untuk menjawab kebutuhan laundry  rumah sakit dan industri anda

Features :


User friendly and totally programmable with TP2

Outstanding Features

Automatic positioning of drum with motor brake to make easier the loading and unloading operation

Double Display, body in skinplate and top panel in stainless steel, easy to clean


Intelligent weighing system, with possibility of configuring three level of savings


Huge doors opening making easier the loading and unloading operations, biggest opening in the market


Easy access to all the components for maintenace purpose and all connections is protected from water and detergent


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