Fagor Flatwork Ironers Series

Type Size
PS-20/140 MP E 20mm / 140cm
PS-35/140 MP E 35mm / 140cm
PS-35/160 MP E 35mm / 160cm
PS-35/200 MP E 35mm / 200cm

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Fagor Flatwork Ironers Series merupakan ironer yang di rancang khusus untuk menjawab kebutuhan industri dan rumah sakit anda

Features :

Maintenance Care

Simple, reliable and accessible mechanism in which the components have been designed and manufactured with the highest quality and prestige

Stainless Steel Design

Panels made of stainless steel and steel with grey coating, inoxaesthetic (skinplate), easy to clean and more hygienic


Frequency Inverter in All Models

MP Electronic Control

Intuitive and easy to use, the electronic control makes it possible to select the speed and temperature of the roller for optimum ironing

High-Tech Roll

High-performance steel roller


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