Euroclone BSC Embryosafe


mbryoSafe/StemSafe Series workstations are dedicated to IVF and stem cells manipulation. Temperature, humidity and CO2 concentrations control together with an aseptic working conditions environment are key factors for a successful and reliable process. For the most demanding applications a biohazard environment is required.

EmbryoSafe/StemSafe is a high retention effi ciency recirculating cabinet engineered to provide the same level of safety required by the EN12469:2000 European Standard for Microbiological Safety Cabinets, that off ers Product, Operator and Environment Protection with the plus of a working environment dedicated to IVF procedures and stem cell culturing.

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Product Description

Safety Cabinet With Operator Protection Embryosafe

Key Features :

  • Integrated light source compatible with Olympus SZX series stereoscopes
  • Integrated glass-heated work area with temperature control
  • Front controls for temperature and microscope light intensity & contrast
  • Optional backwall monitor for microscope camera connection
  • Side glasses
  • Stainless steel working area
  • Sizes: 1.2, 1.8 (with dual microscope option)