Cliq DV-300 Suction Pump

Cliq Medical Vacuum Pumps DV-300

Cliq Medical’s quietest aspirators, functionally engineered and designed from the inside out. The DV-series are high-vacuum, low-flow medical suction units designed to run quietly and efficiently. Collapsible handle makes it easy to carry the unit while keeping it compact and tidy when in use or storage.
Coming to E-Katalog LKPP in 2020

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High Quality Portable Suction Pump


  • High-Vaccum, Low-flow Suction
  • Proprietary pump design fow low-noise, high-efficiency performance
  • Noise reduction housing with collapsible handle
  • 800 ml canister with overflow protection
  • Microbacterial filter intake protection
  • Adjustable vacuum with display gauge
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