Fimet Chair Mounted Dental Unit F1-S

Fimet F1-S – Chair Mounted Dental Unit

Dental Unit F1-S is Dental care unit using modern and newest technology. With many features which is mandatory and easy to use for the doctor would make this Dental unit more preferable.



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Product Description

Fimet F1-S – Chair Mounted Dental Unit


  1. New eight buttons, four-handed operation, aesthetic and practical assistant holder
    • Assistant holder is equipped with a dental chair lift, flat seat adjustment, cupping and mouthwash function control switch.
    • Assistant holder is equipped with 3-way syringe and saliva ejector for dentist assistant.Other optional equipment can also be placed.
  2. Novel ceramic sputum pot
    • Sputum pot is made of high-quality ceramic material, which is easy to clean.
    • Special shape design satisfies more requirements.
  3. Electric dental chair with fault self-test function
    • Depending on the code appears, the exact cause of the fault feedback dental chair, in order to develop troubleshooting.
  4. Electric dental chair is diagrammed with 2 group, a total of 4 chair positions
    • Each is independent from the others, allowing two dentist set up different chair positions
    • Chair position can be fine-tuned and re-set.
  5. Adjustable oral lamp
    • Adjustable lamp with two level of brightness designed for health care operations.
    • Clear spot, appropriate brightness, and beautiful appearance.