BioAir BSC Safe3


Class III Microbiological Safety Cabinets provide the highest level of containment, allowing to manipulate up to risk group 4 pathogen in a safe way. The Safe3 series cabinets have been built according to the most stringent parameters defi ned by the EN12469:2000 and include an exclusive four fi lter system to provide even more protection to operators and environment!
EmbryoSafe/StemSafe is a high retention effi ciency recirculating cabinet engineered to provide the same level of safety required by the EN12469:2000 European Standard for Microbiological Safety Cabinets, that off ers Product, Operator and Environment Protection with the plus of a working environment dedicated to IVF procedures and stem cell culturing.

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Class III Maximum Safety Biosafety Cabinet Safe3

Key Features :

  • Transfer hatch with interlocked doors
  • 2 fi lters air inlet (one G4 + one H14 HEPA)
  • 2 fi lters air outlet (two H14 HEPA)
  • Magnehelic gauge to monitor operating pressure at a glance
  • Volt-free connector for controlling remote exhaust fan
  • Two gloves (size selectable)
  • Size: 1.2