BF200 Fogging Machine

Portable fogging machine BF200P

  • Smoke screen and thermal fog are available.
  • A patented product developed by developing a separate thermal fog and smoke screen device. Only BF200 and BF200P products can perform both thermal fog and smoke screen at the same time. (Utility Model Registration No. 106161)
  • The chemical and fuel tanks are made of plastic and are light.
  • The chemical tank and fuel tank are made of polyethylene (PE), which is resistant to chemicals, and there is no expansion and corrosion of the tank even in the hot summer.
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Category Fogging machine
Category Fogging machine
Injection type Thermal Fogging, Smoke screen
(patent registered product)
Chemical Discharge Rate 50ℓ/h
Starting method fully automatic Fuel tank capacity 1.5ℓ
Power supply DC12V Rechargeable battery Fuel consumption rate 1.8ℓ/h
Width x Length x Height 270 X 1350 X 320mm

Chemical tank material

Plastic (Poly Ethylene)

Weight 8.5Kg Cooling Stainless Steel
Chemical tank capacity 6ℓ

Engine method

Pulse zet