Who We Are.

Medical & Laboratory Instrument Distributor

PT Bintang Sarana Medika ( BISAMED ) was established from the touch of group of people who have long period of sales experience, product development, distribution channels, tender management, and after sales services for more than 15 years of experience especially in Cardio-diagnostics, critical care, operating theatres and surgical business.

BISAMED was founded to cover mostly in governmental project in specific area in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, rest of Java, Sumatera area (western part of Indonesia) working with some sub distributors/dealers.  BISAMED are planning to expand to eastern part of Indonesia as aligned with BISAMED Growth Plan.

Our Vision

Become a leading global medical device distribution company by prioritizing devotion to Allah Ta’ala in all aspects of your business, emphasizing quality professional services, and focusing on customer satisfaction

Our Mission

  • Provide broad global access to innovative, quality, and safe medical devices to improve the quality of life in the community, employing a business model that emphasizes piety to Allah Ta’ala
  • Integrate religious values into every aspect of operations
  • Committed to prioritizing safety, customer satisfaction, fostering mutually beneficial cooperation with partners, and making a positive contribution to society and the environment

Our Core Vision


Adhering to the principle of integrity in all aspects of business by committing to act honestly, fairly and ethically in relationships with customers, business partners, employees and the wider community which is implemented in the company’s behavior, governance and policies.

Committed to providing the best service to customers, providing easy access to innovative, quality, safe medical devices and providing effective solutions in a preventive and corrective manner.

Carry out business practices based on religious values and uphold devotion to Allah Ta’ala in every aspect of operations, decisions and internal and external interactions with customers and business partners.

Apply the principles of equality, fairness and inclusiveness in both internal and external environments by prioritizing all individuals to feel equally accepted and valued.

Prioritize collaboration and build mutually beneficial and sustainable cooperation with business partners to achieve common goals.

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