CHARMCARE Transport/Emergency Patient Monitor PRIZM 5

COMPACT Patient Monitor

Transport/Emergency Patient Monitor – With Printer is Hi-Technology, Ready-to-use, with many features such as Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor, Bedside Mounting Design, 7' Wide with High Resolution, Variety of Parameter, Optional Sidestream Capnography, Optional Mainstream Capnography, without printer and many more.

Our Product are listed in Government Procurement of Goods and Services Agency’s E-Catalogue

Product Description


  • Multi-parameter patient monitor Standard comes with ECG + NIBP + SpO2 + Respiration+Temp. + IBP
  • Bedside mounting handle attached design
  • 7” Wide HIGH RESOLUTION TFT color screen
  • Variety of parameter choices AVAILABLE
  • Optional Sidestream capnography (EtCO₂) by RESPIRONICS® LoFlo™ OR
  • Optional Mainstream capnography (EtCO₂) by RESPIRONICS® CAPNOSTAT5™
  • Deluxe Role Stand (OPTION)